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Innovia Security

Innovia Security is the supplier of Guardian®, the world’s most sophisticated banknote substrate currently issued on 78 denominations in 24 countries. The organisation is a trusted partner to Central Banks worldwide who use Guardian® polymer substrate to deliver transformational banknote management solutions via dramatically lower counterfeits, greater durability leading to significant cost savings, a cleaner note handling experience, and a 100% recyclable banknote.

Guardian® polymer banknotes, often referred to as ‘plastic money’, were first issued in Australia in 1988. Since then, strong collaborative partnerships with other leading manufacturers and a culture of innovation has enabled Guardian® to deliver outstanding long-term value for client nations.

Innovia Security is a division of Innovia Group, a market-leading supplier of specialist films. Innovia Group consists of three major divisions – Innovia Films, Innovia Systems and Innovia Security. The organisation is focused on exceptional quality and service delivery levels while bringing new and innovative products to the market.