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Generation Alliance

Generation Alliance (Gen.a) is a strategy-led creative consultancy, specialising in brand equity development and regeneration for places, communities and businesses.

Gen.a was the first small business in Australia to hold a position on the Board of the GCNA, representing small-medium enterprises and further educating other businesses about the importance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in providing a framework for the global business community to support social and environmental development.

Gen.a’s commitment to the UN Global Compact extends not only to their compliance with the Ten Principles in the way they do business, but also to the clients they choose to work with. Gen.a is also conscious of using the opportunities they have to extend their sphere of influence in educating the local and global business community about the importance of the MDGs.

Gen.a believes in creating design and communication platforms that inspire and activate change that has a positive impact on organisations, communities and the people within them. To this end, they focus on using their talents and expertise to support the efforts of their clients to make the world a better place, through enhancing their communication and storytelling.

The way Gen.a works is influenced by what they believe in, including a focus on ethical and sustainable business. Gen.a has a successful track record in delivering community and environmental development projects in Australia and the Pacific, and are particularly passionate about their support for the Aid for Trade agenda globally.

Working with clients including Fairtrade International, Pacific Islands Trade & Invest, Botswana Export Development & Export Authority and the UN’s International Trade Centre, Gen.a has sought to enhance the effectiveness of these organisations in supporting enterprises in developing countries.

Gen.a also works with corporate clients – such as fellow GCNA members – to maximise the effectiveness of their own citizenship and corporate social responsibility programmes aiming to build enterprise capacity within disadvantaged communities.