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Banksia Foundation

The Banksia Foundation is a well-established not-for-profit organisation dedicated to working with Government, industry and community to focus attention on the recognition of excellence in sustainability. Banksia is a strong and expanding brand and it’s Awards program, the Banksia Sustainability Awards, are regarded as the most prestigious and longest running sustainability awards in the world.
To mark 30 years the Banksia Foundation introduced a new way of recognising Australia’s sustainable excellence under the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to provide a gauge of Australia’s progress towards them and ensure that we are contributing to the international push for sustainable development.

In 2018 Banksia also introduced their SDG innovation platform – Banksia Ignite. With 30 years of experience in running the Banksia Sustainability Awards the Banksia Foundation through Banksia Ignite aims to develop an engaging face to the Sustainable Development Goals so that they become the platform of action and accomplishment throughout Australia.

Banksia Ignite will ensure we are recognising the innovators of our nation who are inspiring us to act further. This will provide a way forward in engaging a more diverse audience to learn the value of, and how they can work with the SDGs.