Our Members

Australia-Africa Minerals & Energy Group

Founded in May 2011, the Australia-Africa Minerals & Energy Group (“AAMEG”) is the peak body representing Australian companies engaged in the development of Africa’s resource industry. AAMEG provides a forum for members to network and share operational experience; to advocate at an industry level on behalf of members; and to assist member companies to engage with Australian and African governments and other relevant institutions and organisations.

AAMEG Objectives:

  1. Be the voice of industry and preferred channel of contact for stakeholders engaged in the Australian resources sector in Africa.
  2. Build Australian Government understanding of and support for Australian resource investors, operators and service providers in Africa.
  3. Build African Governments’ understanding of the benefits derived from Australian resources investment, operation and service providers.
  4. Improve the performance of Australian resource companies operating in Africa through facilitating the sharing of information/knowledge/learnings so that they will become partners of choice for African Governments.

AAMEG members:

  • Mining companies: explorers, small and medium
  • Oil & Gas companies: explorers, small , medium and major
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Service (METS) companies
  • NGOs with African operations
  • Legal and financial service companies
  • The Australian and African governments

What does AAMEG do?

AAMEG represents members’ interests to African and Australian governments, their institutions and embassies, facilitates training sessions and holds round table discussions amongst industry, hosts networking events, commissions collaborative policy reviews, make public statements, collects and provides access to relevant information.

How to achieve change – the 2016 Program

AAMEG has a unique network of members who are brought together each year to participate in a range of public and private discussions on resource industry issues. These discussions form the basis of written reports, public statements and representations to government. For the next eighteen months AAMEG will concentrating on three key areas;

  1. Investment promotion
  2. Educations, skills development and training
  3. Non-technical Risk management:
    • Transparency
    • Social Licence to operate
    • Gender and extractives

AAMEG’s Principles of Conduct, which are adhered to by members, are based on the ICMM sustainable development principles, and include:


  • Implement and maintain ethical business practices and sound systems of corporate governance
  • Integrate sustainable development considerations within the corporate decision-making process
  • Implement risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science


  • Uphold fundamental human rights and respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with employees and local communities
  • Provide opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential
  • Seek continual improvement of AAMEG’s health and safety performance


  • Contribute to the social, economic and institutional development of the communities in which we operate
  • Implement effective and transparent engagement, communication and independently verified reporting arrangements with stakeholders
  • Seek continual improvement of AAMEG’s environmental performance