How to Join: Subsidiary

The commitment

UN Global Compact members with subsidiary, or affiliate companies, in Australia can become a member of the Global Compact Network Australia. You can check if your business is a member of the UN Global Compact here.

The process

Become a member of the Global Compact Network Australia:

  1. Select your membership engagement tier Participant or Signatory. Membership benefits and financial contribution for each engagement tier are outlined here.
  2. Complete the GCNA’s Application Form and send it to us at: You can also review the GCNA’s Constitution.
  3. The GCNA Board will review and confirm acceptance.

After your organisation has been accepted:

  1. The Global Compact Network Australia send your invoice and a request to provide your company’s bio and logo for publication on our website.
  2. Once your invoice has been paid you will be added to the register of members and your profile put on our website.