How to Join: Business

The commitment

Becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact involves a corporate commitment – from the CEO – to operate responsibly in alignment with the UN Global Compact’s ten universal sustainability principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption, and to take actions that support society (e.g. by supporting the Sustainable Development Goals).

The business will also be required to submit a public report each year on its progress in these areas – a Communication on Progress. This Communication includes practical actions taken and measurement of outcomes in each area. You can build the UN Global Compact’s reporting requirements into existing reports, such as your Annual Report or Sustainability Report.

The process

Become a member of the UN Global Compact and Global Compact Network Australia:

  1. CEO signs a letter of commitment (template here)
  2. Complete the online application form and attach your CEO letter of commitment on the UN Global Compact Website (here)
  3. Complete the GCNA’s Application Form and send it to us at: You can also review the GCNA’s Constitution.
  4. The UN Global Compact Office will review the application and confirm acceptance within 7 to 10 days.
  5. The GCNA Board will also review and confirm acceptance.

After your organisation has been accepted:

  1. You need to log into the UN Global Compact dashboard using the username and password you selected during the application process and choose your membership engagement tier – Participant or Signatory.  Membership benefits and financial contribution for each engagement tier are outlined here.
  2. Once you have selected a tier, your invoice will be generated and sent to you by Global Compact Network Australia. We will also request that you provide us with your company’s bio and logo for publication on the Global Compact Network Australia’s website.
  3. Once your invoice has been paid you will be added to the register of members and your profile put on our website.