Benefits & Fees

We live in a complex world. The United Nations cannot succeed alone. Partnership must continue to be at the heart of our strategy. We should have the humility to acknowledge the essential role of other actors, while maintaining full awareness of our unique convening power. UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Membership of the Global Compact Network Australia (GCNA) gives organisations the opportunity to be actively engaged in the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Other benefits include:

Alignment with the world’s largest – and only UN-backed – corporate sustainability framework
  • Access to the world’s best and emerging practices for practical solutions to corporate sustainability challenges.
  • Ability to leverage the UN’s global reach and convening power with government, business, civil society and other stakeholders.
  • Enhanced social license to operate.
  • Improved corporate and brand reputation, employee engagement, management of corporate sustainability issues and operational efficiencies.
Collaborate, learn and network
  • Membership of a strong and growing network of Australian businesses, together with non-profits and universities
  • Access to a network of professionals who can provide feedback and guidance on your corporate sustainability initiatives and challenges.
  • Priority access to regular forums, workshops, dialogues and other events convened directly by the GCNA and in partnership with others. Registration at most GCNA events is complimentary for members.
  • Access to international events and forums.
  • Access to peer learning networks and opportunities to share best practice, case studies, resources and experiences through the GCNA’s Leadership Groups and Working Groups.
Demonstrate leadership and profile your achievements
  • Opportunities to demonstrate commitment and leadership on sustainability issues through the GCNA website, events and projects.
  • Recognition on the GCNA website with your corporate logo and profile.
  • Being part of the GCNA as it leads and shapes national and international dialogue on critical corporate sustainability issues, including business and human rights and the private sector’s role in sustainable development.
  • Opportunities to collectively influence the corporate sustainability and responsibility agenda in Australia.
Tools and templates
  • Access to tools, resources and support for implementing and reporting on your organisation’s progress in relation to the UN Global Compact principles.
  • Opportunities to participate in the governance of the GCNA, including nominating representatives to Board, Leadership Group or Expert Advisor positions.
Global connections
  • Support connecting with Global Compact networks and their members around the world.

GCNA Brochure [PDF]



Companies are asked to financially support the Global Compact both globally and locally.

Global Compact Network Australia membership fees

GCNA membership and engagement at the local level will enhance the value you derive from your UN Global Compact commitment. GCNA membership benefits include access to Australian events, forums and dialogues around corporate sustainability topics, opportunities to participate in our Leadership and Working Groups and have input into our work program, networking opportunities locally and internationally, opportunities to profile your organisation, and access to tools, resources and support.

From 1 January 2018, the UN Global Compact is introducing a new financial contribution and participation structure. Business signatories will choose between two tiers of engagement. Participant and Signatory and required financial contributions will be based on the tier chosen and your organisations annual revenue. Membership benefits for each level of membership engagement are outlined here.

Corporate (over US$50m annual revenue) Participant Fee Signatory Fee
>US$5bn annual revenue A$25,200 p.a. (+GST) A$12,600 p.a. (+GST)
US$1bn – US$5bn annual revenue A$18,900 p.a. (+GST) A$9,450 p.a. (+GST)
US$250m – US$1bn annual revenue A$12,600 p.a. (+GST) A$6,300 p.a. (+GST)
US$50m – US$250m annual revenue A$6,300 p.a. (+GST) A$3,150 p.a. (+GST)
US$25m – US$50m annual revenue A$3,150 p.a. (+GST) A$1000 p.a. (+GST) **
Under US$25m annual revenue A$1,575 p.a. (+GST) A$500 p.a. (+GST) **
Business Associations N/A A$500 p.a. (+GST) **
Non-Profit Organisations N/A A$500 p.a. (+GST) **
Academic Institutions N/A A$1000 p.a. (+GST) **

** No mandatory fee to remain a signatory to the initiative, however GCNA membership fee payable to access GCNA membership fee payable to access GCNA membership benefits

Financial contributions will be invoiced by the Global Compact Network Australia in Australian dollars. GST will apply.

The GCNA will receive 45% of the above financial contributions (except GCNA membership fees payable by SME Signatories and non-business organisations, where the GCNA will receive 100% of the contributions).

Subsidiary Fees

Companies that are not headquartered in Australia will still be required to pay a fee to remain a Global Compact Network Australia member. A Participant or Signatory level of engagement will need to be selected. Membership benefits for subsidiaries are outlined here.

Participant subsidiary fee Signatory subsidiary fee
A$7,500 p.a. (+GST) A$5,000 p.a. (+GST)