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The UNGCNA Leadership Groups are being developed to provide learning and knowledge sharing opportunities for members, Signatories and interested subject matter parties.

Built around the core Principles, the UNGCNA is in the process of developing a series of Leadership Groups that will cover the thematic issues areas of Anti-Corruption and the Environment. Come off the back of the successful role out of the Human Rights Leadership Group, each of the new Leadership Groups will be established over the course of the last quarter of 2011.

The main aim of each Leadership Group is to provide members and interested stakeholders with a forum in which they can share knowledge, challenges, solutions and best practices that will, overall, increasing the knowledge of organisations as they embed that specific thematic area into their business plans and strategies.

Each Leadership Group will receive support at the Board level and be tasked with developing a series of issues related forums, workshops and briefings that will be run in multiple locations across Australia. In addition, each of the Leadership groups will also provide the basis of how the UNGCNA approaches that specific thematic area and how we can support members in their drive to improve their knowledge and understanding of each area. Each group will also consist of members or subject matter experts that will share their own organisational knowledge, case studies and insights – again, backing the premise that we can learn from the work of others.

As an example, the Human Rights Leadership group has run a series of forums in Melbourne and Sydney in the 2011 that have provided real benefits to members and stakeholders. In doing so more formative links have been developed between business, industry, government and the stakeholder community to both share knowledge and provide insights into challenging problems.

Over the course of 2011 – 2012, a range of events will be held across Australia that we anticipate will culminate in our national UNGCNA Leadership Conference that will be held in collaboration with the Networks AGM in October of 2012. This will assist in bringing together a wealth of knowledge and information into an extended learning environment.

If you would like to learn more about how you, as a member, can be involved in the Anti-Corruption, Environment or Human Rights Leadership Groups, please get in touch with the Secretariat or click on the links to each of the thematic areas covered for more information.


UNGCNA Leadership Groups provide members with a forum to share, learn and collaborate.

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