Leadership Groups

The majority of the GCNA’s activities are convened under its Leadership Groups:

The main aim of each Leadership Group is to provide GCNA members and interested stakeholders with a forum in which they can keep up-to-date on hot topics, share knowledge, challenges and solutions, and explore local and global best and emerging practice.

The activities of each Leadership Group are guided by a Steering Committee drawn from the GCNA membership base and chaired by a GCNA Board member.

In addition to its Leadership Groups, from time to time the GCNA also establishes working groups or forums to progress a particular issue or project. The GCNA currently has an Indigenous Engagement Working Group focused on advancing dialogue and action around business and Indigenous rights. In 2014, the GCNA also established the Australian Community of Practice on Security and Human Rights to provide a forum for senior security representatives from extractive companies to share experiences on managing security and human rights risks in challenging contexts and implementing the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.