Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 17 global goals which lay out a path to 2030 to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and protect our planet.

Business has a crucial role to play in achieving the SDGs – through responsible business operations, new business models, investment, innovation and technology, and collaboration.

Further, the SDGs cover a broad range of issues relevant to companies – from poverty and inequality, to climate change – and engaging with the SDG agenda can help companies understand and link their strategies with global priorities. Business can use the SDGs to identify future business opportunities, enhance the value of their corporate sustainability strategies, strengthen stakeholder relations, and engage with stakeholders through a common framework and language.

Successful implementation of the SDGs will also strengthen and stabilise the enabling environment for doing business and building markets around the world.

The UN Global Compact is the starting point and avenue for all companies wanting to advance the SDGs.

  • The ten principles of the UN Global Compact are the foundation for any company seeking to advance the SDGs, providing a universal definition for responsible business.
  • We guide companies to first act responsibly and then to find opportunities to further support the SDGs.

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The SDG Compass helps business to do this, by taking you through five steps:

  • Understanding the SDGs
  • Defining priorities
  • Setting goals
  • Integrating sustainability into the business
  • Reporting and communicating

SDG Compass

The GCNA’s Sustainable Development Leadership Group provides a platform for business and stakeholders to engage in learning, dialogue and action around sustainable development and the SDGs. The Leadership Group also provides an interface between business and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, supporting implementation of the Australian Government’s aid policy, which emphasises private sector engagement and development.

What are the Goals?