Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is about the impacts, positive and negative, that business has on people – employees, workers in the value chain, customers and communities.

The first six principles of the UN Global Compact focus on the social aspects of corporate sustainability, of which human rights is the cornerstone. Under our human rights stream, gender equality and women’s empowerment, Indigenous engagement, children’s rights and security and human rights are key aspects of our social sustainability activities.

Social sustainability also covers issues including poverty and inequality, education, health, peace and stability, and water and sanitation, and is intrinsically connected with environmental and governance issues, and as such is a fundamental aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals and broader sustainable development agenda.

Engagement Platforms

Human Rights Leadership Group
Indigenous Engagement Working Group
Women’s Empowerment Principles
Children’s Rights & Business Principles
Security and Human Rights Community of Practice

Key resources are available here