While companies can and do make significant contributions to society and development when acting on their own, they are more likely to be successful, and positive impacts enhanced, if they join peers, governments, NGOs, the UN and others in partnerships and collective action.

Transformational partnerships leverage the core competencies of participants, and are designed for scale and sustained impact. As a result, such partnerships can deliver transformative impact across sectors and geographies, addressing both public and private objectives.

UN Global Compact Business Partnership Hub

The UN Global Compact’s Business Partnership Hub helps companies efficiently identify potential collaborators and engage in collective action on a range of issues, including water management, anti-corruption, climate and energy and social enterprise.

UN – Business Partnerships

Most UN agencies, funds and programs are increasingly interested in and able to partner with the private sector. Such partnerships may be small, local initiatives, or massive global advocacy campaigns. is the UN-business partnership gateway, designed to support and facilitate collaboration between the UN and the private sector. The site has a matching function to link UN needs with the resources of the private sector around the world.

Catalyzing Transformational Partnerships between the United Nations and Business reviews the recent history of UN-business partnerships, and makes recommendations for enhancing their effectiveness and scale.

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